Portrait Photo Workshop

Information for Portrait Photography Course

The 4 days Portrait Workshop is bookable 2 weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), 10:30 to 16:30

This intensive hands-on Portrait Photography Workshop is designed for photographers who understand the principles of photography and have been shooting for a while. In our four-day portrait course, you will learn how to capture extraordinary portraits in any light situation. This practical portrait photo workshop will help you to take your portrait skills to the next level and to overcome the challenges of photographing people.

4 intensive days with lots of tips, techniques, and many practical exercises. Each participant has the great opportunity to work with a model.

German and English

What you will learn:

  • History of Portrait Photography
  • Self Portraits
  • Candid Portraits
  • Managing Natural and Artificial Light
  • Composition and Background
  • Communication and Direction with the Subject
  • Opportunity to work with individual models
  • Light and Angles to pose subjects in attractive ways
  • Kids-, Formal-, Corporate- and Environmental Portraits
  • On-camera Flash and Speedlight

3 – 7

666 Euro per person

Feedback from our Portrait Photo Workshop

Very inspiring, practical and thoughtful portrait workshop. A well-built course towards better portrait photography, under the caring and expert teaching of Bettina, you might want to try for yourself!

Tristan Zand