Workshop for Beginner Level 2

Photography Workshop for Beginner Level 2

Sunday, 10:30 to 16:30

The Workshop for Beginner Level 2 is the ideal complement to Beginner Level 1 as it builds on it. You should be an advance beginner and have a good understanding of the exposure triangle. In Level 2 you will learn more techniques for shutterspeeds and aperture. After completing Level 2 you can capture creative moving images, portraits and night photos. We guarantee that you will have established a solid photographic foundation, after completing the Workshop for Beginner so that you can capture stunning photos in your own signature style.

German and English

What you will learn:

  • exposure triangle
  • different shutterspeeds
  • panning
  • creative use of shutterspeeds
  • depth of field

3 – 7

153 Euro per person

Feedback from Photography Beginner Course Level 2

I just wanted to say, your course really added SO much value to my life and I’m forever grateful. I use the things I learned all the time and these days I’m making my own artwork for my musical releases. And because of what you taught me I just love photography more and more.
Fiora Cutler

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