Introduction to Architectural Photography

Introduction to Architectural Photography

Saturday 10:30 to 16:30

Berlin – is home to some breathtaking buildings of Modernist Architecture, from Brutalist to Bauhaus as well as Contemporary. These different styles come together in the city making Berlin a unique architectural destination.

The Architectual Photography Workshop will provide a solid foundation in creating your own eye-catching architectural photos. You’ll learn different camera techniques that you can incorporate into your own architectural, interior or real estate photography.  We will have the chance to visit landmark architectural sites of Berlin as well as some hidden gems. Our hands-on approach will definitely make a difference in your architectural photography.


What you will learn:

  • necessary equipment for architectural and interior photography
  • Exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed, F/ Stop)
  • Lenses and focal length
  • Depth of field
  • Architectural composition
  • Lighting interior and exterior architecture
  • Different Perspective being used in architectural photography

3 – 7

153 Euro per person

***Please note, if you book Introduction and Advanced Architectual Photography together you get 5% discount***

Feedback from Introduction to Architectural Photography

It was a great course. I learned and understood everything I didn’t before. I saw interesting parts from Berlin and learned how to make my architectural photos outstanding. Your class gave me a good knowledge of how to improve my architectural photography. I will come back!
Roja Michaels

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