Advanced Architectural Photography

Advanced Architectural Photography Workshop

Saturday 10:30 to 16:30

Following on from the Introduction to Architectural Photography the Advanced Architectural Workshop is designed for photographers with an understanding of architectural Photography. You’ll learn how to master composition, lighting and camera techniques. Taking you through the entire post production worksflow where you can pick up some “digital darkroom” secrets  – enabling your images to reach a greater audience.


What you will learn:

  • Advanced camera techniques for exterior and interior
  • Advanced compositios
  • Long exposure architectural Photography
  • Exposure bracketing for ex-and interior
  • Focus -and set-up stacking
  • Post processing Lightroom mono- and polychromatic
  • Blending and HDR images
  • Perspective Corrections

3 – 7

153 Euro per person

***Please note, if you book Introduction and Advanced Architectual Workshop together you get 5% discount***

Feedback from Advanced Architectural Photography

Great course, very straight on. We learned very quickly how to pop our images in Lightroom! It was great that I also came to the intro architectural photography course, this way I got feedback on the photos I did the day before and I learned how to edit the photos in Lightroom.

I will definitely continue, it was so much fun.

Lorelei Shank