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Berlin School of Photography offers photography courses and photo tours through the eye of the camera. We do assignments at major attraction sites, but also step out of the tourist path to explore the real Berlin. Our professional photo trainer share their local knowledge and the latest Berlin tips with you. All our photography courses are designed to be hands-on, 70% practical, 30% theory and suitable to all levels in which we understand and respond to the client’s individual needs. Our vision is to explore the wonderful world of photography and the charm of Berlin. The clients get the maximum inspiration, motivation and pleasure out of their participation in order to make it an unforgettable Berlin experience.

Bettina von Kameke portrait and documentary photographer based in Berlin.

Bettina von Kameke – Founder and Director

Bettina is a professional portrait and Documentary Photographer. Her work investigates enclosed communities, their life, rituals and identities. In the last couple of years, she lived in different communities, observed and experience their way of life.

For example, she travelled on a container ship from England to South Africa; lived in an enclosed order of Benedictine Nuns; travelled with a Circus through the Czech Republic; explored a community of male prisoners at HMP Wormwood Scrubs and many more. She has exhibited worldwide, in London, New York and Berlin. She worked together with well-established names in London, like The Photographers Gallery, Thomas Heatherwick, V&A Museum, and many more.

Also, Bettina is a coach and a teacher. She has been a trainer at the London School of Photography. Her unique personal approach and the willingness to experiment with a range of ideas, methods and approaches create an atmosphere where the students, any age, any background and any level of experience, are inspired and get the maximum pleasure out of their participation.

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Dorothea Tuch – Photo Trainer at Berlin School of Photography

Alberto Moura – Professional Photo Trainer

Alberto was born in Portugal, and just recently moved to Berlin. Since a young age he developed a passion for photography. With 18 he started to studied photography in ESAP (Escolar Superior Artística do Porto) and made some group exhibitions. Always very versatile and diverse, feeling very comfortable within all areas of photography. Lately he is working with analog photography, returning to the raw of photography and rethinking the approach of the photographer to his subject.

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Dorothea Tuch – Photo Trainer at Berlin School of Photography

Rocío Díaz – Professional Photo Trainer

Rocío comes from Galicia, Spain. She started her art career with drawing and painting. In 2012 she finished her Fine Art studies at the University of Barcelona, where she specialized in Photography and Video. Soon after, she moved to Berlin. Since 2016 she studies at the German TV and Film Academy. Nowadays, she works as a freelance Photographer and Camerawoman. 

In her work, she tries to find and break the limits of the materials and techniques, in order to create the right expression through her images.

Eran Wolff – Photo Coach

Nina Bennett – Professional Photo Trainer

Born in Wuppertal, studied in Düsseldorf for 10 years,  now she lives in Berlin.
As a professional photographer working in the fields of advertising, fashion and lifestyle, Nina is constantly faced with the challenge of meeting the wishes of her customers while still bringing her own visual signature to the pictures. This is something that makes this job absolutely exciting and varied for her. In her personal projects, she coordinates topics such as alternative life plans and gender studies, preferably while still working on film. Dreamy or direct, sometimes soft, sometimes bold, her works always aim to tell stories. Sometimes their own and sometimes it’s up to the recipients, what they like to see in it and maybe even a piece of their own.

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Dorothea Tuch – Photo Trainer at Berlin School of Photography

Jan Kraus – Professional Photo Trainer

Jan has been working as reportage and portrait photographer for more than 7 years. In his work he tries, not only to document, but to build a connection and visualize personal relationships beyond the mere inventory. He shoots both digital and analog and has recently started using a 4×5 large format camera. His work has been published in various german magazins and newspapers.

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