Lightroom for Beginners

Lightroom for Beginners

Editing and organizing your photos is an essential part of being a photographer. Nowadays it’s easier and faster than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can instantly take your images to the next level with Adobe Lightroom software.  It helps photographers to manage large quantities of digital photos, organize, edit and share images

In this workshop you’ll learn step-by-step how to edit your images in Adobe’s Lightroom and how to use it as a tool to bring your images to life and to fine-tune your own signature style.

What you will learn:

Importing and managing files
organzise files into collections
creating metadata
white balance and color grading
cropping, straightening and aspect ratio
basic adjustments, brightness, contrast, saturation etc.
masks and use of different brushes
Size and resolution /file formats  and their usages
exporting files for web, print and social media
linking Adobe Lightroom with Adobe Photoshop
tools in Adobe Photoshop: stamp and area brushes

German or English

3 – 8

249 Euro per Person

4 Evenings (Mon. Thu. Mon. Thu.) 17 :00 – 19:30)

27.3. + 30.3.+.3.4.+ 6.4.2023 (German)
5.6. + 8.6.+.12.6.+ 15.6.2023 (German)
4.9. + 7.9. + 11.9.+ 14.9.2023 (English)

Feedback from Lightroom for Beginners

I have done several photo courses in major cities around the world and I have to say the BSP workshop were my favourites. Finally I know my way around Lightroom. Nina explained it very well,  it was easy to understand.

Thanks, BSP – highly recommended!

Gina Rasch