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1. How do I enrol for one of your courses?

To register for a photography course, please use our booking form. We will contact you immediately and confirm your booking.

If a course is already full or cannot take place for other reasons, we will suggest alternative dates. A course is only considered firmly booked once you have paid for it and we can confirm receipt of the payment. This should be the case at least three days before the start of the course.

After receiving your payment, we will send you a confirmation email with all further information required.

2. In which languages ​​are courses offered?

Our courses are offered in German or English.

3. Do we also offer courses for children and young people?

The minimum age for our courses is 18 years (younger course participants require written permission from their parents/guardians). Please contact us before you book.

4. Are basic knowledge required?

Basic knowledge is not required. Some course participants come directly to us with their new camera in its original packaging. Ideally, you should attend our courses with your own camera, as all models are very different in terms of operation.

5. Which camera would we recommend buying?

When buying a new camera, pay attention to the size, handiness, weight, design, etc.

We recommend the following equipment:

  • Canon 600D body + 18-200mm lens (Canon or Sigma) or standard 18-55mm lens.
    Nikon D3200 or D5200 body + 18-200mm lens (Nikon or Sigma) or standard 18-55mm lens.
  • Nikon D3200 or D5200 body + 18-200mm lens (Nikon or Sigma) or standard 18-55mm lens.

These cameras are handy, light and equipped with a pretty good zoom lens.

6. What equipment do I need for the course?

Of course, first of all, your own camera. One or more lenses, charged batteries, an empty memory card, paper and pen. You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes as we will be walking a lot. In order to be well prepared for any weather situation, we advise you to check the weather forecast before the course.

7. I don’t have a camera, can I still take part in the course?

Yes you can. BSP is supported by Olympus with cameras. If you don’t have your own camera, use one of our cameras for the photography course or for a photo tour.

8. Does the BSP offer overnight accommodation?

No, but we have some hotel recommendations that are in the immediate vicinity of our workshops. The course participants themselves are responsible for bookings.

9. Are rebookings possible?

You can rebook up to 14 days before the start of a course. However, this rebooking should then be carried out within 3 months.

10. Are there refunds for cancellations?

You can cancel up to 14 days before the start of the course. If you cancel within 14 calendar days, our general terms and conditions apply, point 6. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and should be booked within 12 months of the issue date. Gift vouchers can be extended by one month after the expiry date if you notify us in writing 14 days in advance.

If we have to cancel a workshop, we will refund your booking 100% or try to arrange a new date.

11. Is there a minimum number of participants?

All courses generally take place with a registration of at least 3 people. The maximum number of participants per course is 8.

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Andreas F. Hoffmann
Andreas F. Hoffmann
16:05 08 May 24
I completed the 7-month masterclass at the Berlin School of Photography and it was a great success for me. I started without much prior knowledge, having previously only taken a one-day smartphone photography course (also at the BSoP). That had already motivated me a lot! From there it really took off: starting with the technical basics, artistic fine-tuning and experimental photography, I learned more than I had in a long time. Our trainers were equally committed, knowledgeable and highly motivated, so that this motivation also rubbed off on us participants. And there was a great atmosphere in the group of participants, a lot of mutual exchange and support, just great. Definitely a full 5 out of 5 points, big recommendation!!
21:26 05 May 24
I recently completed the 7-month photo coaching and am still impressed and positively influenced by the enriching time in every facet.I learned a lot about photography during this time and am very grateful for this experience.The patience that was shown to answer my questions, the many inspirations and different perspectives made the coaching very valuable for me.Over time, a great community has formed between the coaches and coachees, who have always supported each other.I found it very exciting and beneficial that the content of the coaching was conveyed by different coaches.The big highlight was our final photo project entitled “Transformation”, which we were able to exhibit in Field Five.I don't want to miss the time.Many thanks to you Bettina, Nina, Rocio, Alberto and my coachees❣
X.smile .y
X.smile .y
12:22 30 Apr 24
I took the course for beginners and am super satisfied! I learned a lot about using the camera and was also able to get to know many beautiful corners of Berlin from inspiring perspectives. I can recommend the course with a clear conscience☺️
Peter Karsten
Peter Karsten
17:37 20 Apr 24
I had a new camera and barely knew how to use it. In one-on-one lessons with Bettina, I not only learned the technique, but also developed an unexpected enthusiasm for photography in a very short time and will definitely continue. Thank you for this quick and individual introduction with a good price-performance ratio.
Diana Meemken
Diana Meemken
12:01 20 Apr 24
I absolutely enjoyed my course at the BSoP after being a guest at the Vernissage of the Master class. I learned do much and my photographic skills improved massively. Thank you - next time again. I can recommend it strongly.
Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher
16:49 04 Apr 24
My impression after a beginners course: Far from a professional school of photography. A very old-fashioned presentation was shown for the introduction. There was no apparent concept to me all day...I didn't learn anything that I wouldn't have learned better from books or YouTube tutorials. The handout that was sent to us later was not very informative. Plus point: Bettina called me after this review to see what she could do better. Unfortunately, the conversation and their arguments did not convince me and I still cannot recommend the course.
Eston McKeague
Eston McKeague
15:05 17 Oct 23
I loved the "Nature Photo Experience" course! Was a super interesting setting for a the course and was a great way to get out of the city and see the forest in a new way.
11:22 09 Oct 23
I'm very satisfied. I really enjoyed the photography course for beginners levels 1 + 2! It was very professional and personal, with lots of practical exercises.I can now finally use my camera properly and take the photos I've always dreamed of.I will definitely take more photography courses and can only warmly recommend it to everyone
18:26 07 Oct 23
Very helpful, thank you very much! I've come a long way and now finally understand the technology. I'm looking forward to my projects and will report back. Thank you!!!
John Schols
John Schols
19:40 09 Aug 23
Wonderful street art tour with lots of tips from Bettina von Kameke about photography and street art in Berlin. Very interesting new parts of Berlin and very helpful.
Rob Murray
Rob Murray
16:20 17 Jan 22
My partner and I did the Level 1 course with Alberto and really enjoyed the course and our day! Alberto was a professional and thorough teacher while still leaving lots of time to ask questions and get creative. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone hoping to learn more about their camera and start to embark on their first steps to becoming a better photographer.
Henriette de Wit
Henriette de Wit
18:39 30 Aug 21
I highly recommend the Forest Photography course to anyone who wants to learn more about photography and be closer to nature. Bettina is very inspiring, full of interesting stories and a skilled photographer. She hosted us in an idyllic setting, thought us the most important photography techniques and guided us on a forest bathing to awaken our senses and creativity before we could wander off on our own to put all that we learned into practise. We concluded the day with soup and cake and reviewing the photos that we took that day. For me it was an amazing experience.
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