The Blue Hour tour was an amazing experience. Its a class that isn’t so much about perfect photography as much as about learning the techniques, artistic styles and creative thinking to take your photography to a better level. Also did I mention that its fun and Noga (the teacher) is very cool!

Paso Shrestha

Very inspiring, practical and thoughtful portrait workshop. A well built course towards better portrait photography, under the caring and expert teaching of Bettina, you might want to try for yourself! 😉

Tristan Zand
Bundestag – Tobias Herrmann
Workshop for Beginner – Joice & Sanne

Habe den Portraitworkshop besucht und bin restlos begeistert. Vielen Dank für diese großartige Erfahrung. Bettina versteht es super einen an dieses Thema heranzuführen und ich habe bei mir wirkliche Fortschritte schon während des Kurses bemerkt. Der Kurs bringt einem soviel Inspiration, so daß ich das Thema Portraitfotografie sicher weiterverfolgen werde. Macht weiter so!

Thomas Hartel
Mario tarantino

I enjoyed every minute of it! Everything we learned we practised on locations, it was a great experience!

John S.
Photo Training – Jaco Naude
Bundestag – Peter Dittmann

This is exactly the experience I needed. I wanted an experienced person who combines the skills of a photographer with the knowledge of Berlin’s street art and when best to photograph each site. Bettina checked all the boxes, and came up with great ideas to make the three hour private tour very interesting and productive. Bettina helped me rent a bike and we biked the streets of Berlin, seeing street art and a whole lot more. Bettina is a real human being with a passion for what she does. Highly recommended!


Wir waren in unserer Foto Schulung zwischen 5 und 8 Teilnehmer(innen) und alle unterschiedlichen Kenntnisse wurden bedient. Alle haben sich gesteigert. Das ist eine großartige Leistung!

Thomas Rüdiger

I really enjoyed the balance of practical work and being in the class room.

Alison W.

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Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher
16:49 04 Apr 24
My impression after a beginners course: Far from a professional school of photography. A very old-fashioned presentation was shown for the introduction. There was no apparent concept to me all day...I didn't learn anything that I wouldn't have learned better from books or YouTube tutorials. The handout that was sent to us later was not very informative. Plus point: Bettina called me after this review to see what she could do better. Unfortunately, the conversation and their arguments did not convince me and I still cannot recommend the course.
12:07 14 Dec 23
Eston McKeague
Eston McKeague
15:05 17 Oct 23
I loved the "Nature Photo Experience" course! Was a super interesting setting for a the course and was a great way to get out of the city and see the forest in a new way.
11:22 09 Oct 23
I'm very satisfied. I really enjoyed the photography course for beginners levels 1 + 2! It was very professional and personal, with lots of practical exercises.I can now finally use my camera properly and take the photos I've always dreamed of.I will definitely take more photography courses and can only warmly recommend it to everyone
18:26 07 Oct 23
Very helpful, thank you very much! I've come a long way and now finally understand the technology. I'm looking forward to my projects and will report back. Thank you!!!
John Schols
John Schols
19:40 09 Aug 23
Wonderful street art tour with lots of tips from Bettina von Kameke about photography and street art in Berlin. Very interesting new parts of Berlin and very helpful.
Rob Murray
Rob Murray
16:20 17 Jan 22
My partner and I did the Level 1 course with Alberto and really enjoyed the course and our day! Alberto was a professional and thorough teacher while still leaving lots of time to ask questions and get creative. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone hoping to learn more about their camera and start to embark on their first steps to becoming a better photographer.
Henriette de Wit
Henriette de Wit
18:39 30 Aug 21
I highly recommend the Forest Photography course to anyone who wants to learn more about photography and be closer to nature. Bettina is very inspiring, full of interesting stories and a skilled photographer. She hosted us in an idyllic setting, thought us the most important photography techniques and guided us on a forest bathing to awaken our senses and creativity before we could wander off on our own to put all that we learned into practise. We concluded the day with soup and cake and reviewing the photos that we took that day. For me it was an amazing experience.
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