Bundestag - Tobias Herrmann

I just wanted to say, your course really added SO much value to my life and I'm forever grateful. I use the things I learned all the time and these days I'm making my own artwork for my musical releases. And because of what you taught me I just love photography more and more.

Fiora Cutler

Natur Foto Workshop - Naomi Schenck

Everything was great. Noga gave us some good tips and taught us to look at different perspectives to take the photo. Never too old to learn!

Wolfgang W.

Mario Tarantino

Highly recommended course, it was so much fun with Mara. She explained everything in detail and very comprehensible. In all, very inspiring and already looking forward to come back for advanced sessions.

Corinna Dickenbrok

Photo Training - Jaco Naude

I enjoyed every minute of it! Everything we learned we practised on locations, it was a great experience!

John S.

Es war super! Individuell abgestimmt, tolle Impulse, sehr viel gelernt.

Kathrin Marten

Joice & Sanne

Great experience with the Berlin School of Photography. I did 3 courses with Bettina: The last GDR, Blue Hour and Street Art Tour. Very relaxed approach to each student during theoretical and great atmosphere during the practical part of the course. You learn many photographic skills to achieve better compositions/photographs. You get to learn about photography and you get to know and see certain parts of Berlin that you normally don't see as a tourist(like me from Croatia) I would love to do some other courses as well. I recommend.

Anita Mamuza

I did a 5 (half) day intensive course with Bettina a couple of years ago. Not only it inspired me to push my photography to the next level, her insights and teachings are still very much part of my photography today. I enjoyed the balance between practice and theory and the feedback we photographers so much crave. I definitely recommend the BSF for beginners and the more advanced professionals. You won't regret it, even better so, you will definitely enjoy it and learn a great deal about yourself as a photographer.

Michel P.

Nature Photo Workshop  - Lucie Pol

Very inspiring, practical and thoughtful portrait workshop. A well built course towards better portrait photography, under the caring and expert teaching of Bettina, you might want to try for yourself! ;)

Tristan Zand

The Blue Hour tour was an amazing experience. Its a class that isn't so much about perfect photography as much as about learning the techniques, artistic styles and creative thinking to take your photography to a better level. Also did I mention that its fun and Noga (the teacher) is very cool!

Paso Shrestha

Bundestag -Patrick Telligmann

A fabulous course. Bettina's patient and practical approach really helped me put into practice the technical information I didn't know how to apply before the course. As well as new techniques I learnt to look at a scene to decide on composition, focus and correct metering before taking the shot. What a fantastic way to explore and learn more about Berlin - a holiday where I didn't feel like a tourist. I now have good practical advice to build on for the future.

Annette Reardon

Foto Workshops - Janna Strässle

The workshop with Mara was perfect! I came out of the classroom having learned many things that have given to me more ideas for photoshooting and the photos I take from now on! Completely satisfied, I recommend it!

Evelina Kastriti

It was fantastic - I learned a lot in a great environment with a knowledgeable, fun and patient teacher.

Julia Fischer

Der Workshop "The Big Five" war grandios. Das Regenwetter hat dem tollen Verlauf des Workshops nicht geschadet. Im Gegenteil. Bettina hat mich zu Beginn so gut inspiriert, dass der eigene Blick von einer auf die andere Sekunde voellig veraendert wurde. Vielen Dank für den tollen Tag. Ein Tip an alle, die noch keinen Workshop bei der Berlin School of Photography absolviert haben: Anmelden und hingehen... Es lohnt sich! Ich fuer meinen Teil komme auf jedenfall wieder...

Andre Wiedemann

Natur Foto Erlebnis - Thorsten Böhling

I initially attended this course by pure interest in demystifying the many features of a camera and how to take good pictures. The class really ignited a much greater interest in the field of photography, as the content is clear and the theory is directly applied with your own camera. I highly recommend this course.

David Naville

Really good course. Didn't know anything about photography prior to coming and the instructor made me feel comfortable and the experience enjoyable - Thank you!

Jaclyn Stukat Gren

Habe den Portraitworkshop besucht und bin restlos begeistert. Vielen Dank für diese großartige Erfahrung. Bettina versteht es super einen an dieses Thema heranzuführen und ich habe bei mir wirkliche Fortschritte schon während des Kurses bemerkt. Der Kurs bringt einem soviel Inspiration, so daß ich das Thema Portraitfotografie sicher weiterverfolgen werde. Macht weiter so!

Thomas Hartel

Ich hatte drei lehrreiche Stunden im Rahmen der Big Five Tour mit Bettina. Wegen des Regens haben wir die Tour etwas abgewandelt und die vielen Tropfen gekonnt eingebaut. Die Tipps von Bettina konnte ich sofort umsetzen und ich bin sehr sehr zufrieden. Ich werde auf jeden Fall noch weitere Touren mitmachen. Vielen Dank Antje


My teacher Oliver was the best! He had very strong points of view on everything -- from where I should position myself when taking street photography, to how I should hold my camera, to how I can take magical long exposure shots at night. Some students might find his style overbearing, but as an amateur photographer, I valued his tips and advice so much. I learned so much in 3 hours, and I hope to participate in another class in the future!

Karen Ong

I have done several tours in major cities around the world and I have to say the BSP tours (Big5 and Blue Hour) were my favourites. Bettina and Oliver really pushed us to look at things from a different perspective. It was a perfect mix of directing us to iconic sites and then pushing us to look at them from a different perspective. I know my way around a camera however, I really appreciated the time the trainers took to get to know me and being pushed out of my comfort zone! Thanks BSP-highly recommended.

Gino Vairo

This is exactly the experience I needed. I wanted an experienced person who combines the skills of a photographer with the knowledge of Berlin's street art and when best to photograph each site. Bettina checked all the boxes, and came up with great ideas to make the three hour private tour very interesting and productive. Bettina helped me rent a bike and we biked the streets of Berlin, seeing street art and a whole lot more. Bettina is a real human being with a passion for what she does. Highly recommended!


Bundestag - Peter Dittmann

The school was exactly what I was looking for. I had two mornings of private lessons and learned so much. Bettina was the perfect teacher and knew exactly how to get the most out of the time. She was also so friendly and had a lot of tips on both photography and Berlin! Would thoroughly recommend for any level of expertise!

Shane Cranley

Great energy, very hands on, well explained and demonstrated too! I felt like a sponge absorbing photography skills. What a difference in just two days! Thumbs up!

Maja Stefanovic

The Workshop for Beginners combines theory and practice in a really nice way. There was a lot of well structured information and Eran was very patient and found creative ways of explaining. I am more confidant now with my camera and when I look at a photo, I can actually understand the ins and outs. It was a really great and useful weekend. Thanks!

Oana Rosca

I took the beginner's workshop in English. Eran was a great teacher, clearly very knowledgeable. I learned so much about my camera, including the fundamentals of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I would have liked to learn a little about composition, but I do understand it's important to know the technical aspects of the camera first. I would definitely recommend this course -- thank you so much!

Laura Depta

Eran is a great photography teacher; with him I learned and understand everything I didn't before, not even in my country and language. Your classes gave me a good knowledge of my camera and technique, that allowed me to take others courses and improve my photography. I want it to be more than a hobby now.

Jimena Rojas

Wir waren in unserer Foto Schulung zwischen 5 und 8 Teilnehmer(innen) und alle unterschiedlichen Kenntnisse wurden bedient. Alle haben sich gesteigert. Das ist eine großartige Leistung!

Thomas Rüdiger

Es war super! Es fühlte sich an wie eine Reise in die Vergangenheit. Die Gegenstände wurden durch unsere Fotos wieder lebendig. Ich nehme tolle Anregungen und Ideen von dieser Fototour mit.

Evelyn Sommer

Learned about city, street artists and photography. Great Mix, really intersting photo tour.

Sunny Berg

I have been attending classes with BSOP since Feb 2016 and can say that its worth every Euro put in. The hands on approach is enriching in that you actually put into practice what the theory learnt earlier in class session. The modules are rich in content and the assignments are challenging taking you further in your photographic journey.

Mario Tarantino

I really enjoyed the balance of practical work and being in the class room.

Alison W.

Im Fotoworkshop habe ich viel gelernt. Es war sehr spannend und unterhaltsam. Es müsste weitergehen um es zu vertiefen.

Bundestag - Rüdiger Herzog

Die Blaue Stunde-Tour hat vor allem mal sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Ich habe eine Menge gelernt im Umgang mit dem vorhandenem Licht und auch ein paar witzige Ideen zum kreativen Einsatz der Kamera.

Maria Siegert

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