Photography Holidays in Mexico

Explore Mexico and La Paz with your camera

30th of October – 11th of November 2019

Discover and explore charming Mexico and meet the people through the eye of your camera. Experience the buzzing city life and pristine nature, combine adventure with relaxation. Connect with yourself, reflect, re-think and refocus.

The photo trip is divided into two main parts. We spend 5 days in Mexico City before we fly to La Paz (Baja California) where we spend the rest of the journey.

During the whole trip, you will be accompanied by Bettina v. Kameke and Moritz v. Dolffs. 

Bettina is a portrait photographer and founder of the Berlin School of Photography. Her main body of work investigates enclosed communities. Over the last years, Bettina has integrated different communities, observed and experienced their way of life. Being a part of the community over a period of time allowed for complete integration this being clearly reflected in the captured images. Bettina’s work has been exhibited in London, New York and Berlin working with well-established names in London such as Photographer Gallery, Thomas Heatherwick, the Guardian, V&A Museum as well as a contributor to Millennium Images.  Moritz is an entrepreneur and Mexico connoisseur. Since 1996 Moritz has been travelling regularly to the most diverse places in the country and is familiar with the local culture and circumstances. The combination of these two individuals will definitely make for an unforgettable experience.

Bettina von Kameke is founder of Berlin School of Photography


Our photo expedition starts in Mexico’s capital. We will be strolling the city’s streets, experiencing the beauty of this unique metropolis and enjoying its vibrant lifestyle all the while being surrounded by inspiring historical architecture. We get off the beaten track and explore the Mexican way with local experts. After having spent 5 days in Mexico City we continue our trip and fly to the beautiful city of La Paz (Baja California Sur) to take in the natural beauty of this part of Mexico.

LA PAZ – Baja California

La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur, has kept its small-town charm.
Known for its beaches, seafront promenade, parks and vibrant art scene. La Paz has a great variety of restaurants and the nightlife is absolutely fantastic. La Paz is reputed amongst photo enthusiasts all over the world with endless opportunities An additional professional photographer will join us whilst he guides us to the most incredible locations making for a totally visual experience. La Paz is the perfect place to relax and forget about the stress of day-to-day life. The Spanish translation of „La Paz“ is „Peace“ – after just a few days, you’ll agree that the name really fits.

We can’t wait to welcome you on our exciting trip.
Bettina and Moritz


PART I – Mexico City

DAY 1:
Arrival in Mexico City transfer from the airport to the hotel. Meet your fellow travellers for welcome drinks in our hotel close to Chapultepec Park in the heart of Mexico’s historical city centre.

DAY 2:
Mexico-City  – Street Art Tour & Historic Center & All Souls Day 

We kick off with a short photography introduction in order to get you completely ready for your visual experience.
Once completed we spend the day exploring Mexico City’s urban art scene and the picturesque UNESCO protected historical centre.
First, we get insights into Mexico City’s cutting-edge street art scene with a local graffiti artist while exploring the atmospheric historic centre – mixing old and new. The old city centre is located around the Plaza de la Constitucion. This location is clearly different from the rest of the city. Colonial and European architecture meet and mix and its narrow cobblestone streets set to make it a unique part of the city. The afternoon is at leisure and you will be free to do whatever you please till we meet in the evening to participate in the world famous Día de Muertos. Day of the Dead or All Souls Day festival is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout the country. This is an extremely authentic celebration and a genuine community event to celebrate life and death. This festival creates outstanding motives and scenes to capture with your camera – the streets are full of people dressed up in amazing costumes while proudly posing to have their photo taken.

DAY 3:
Mexico-City – Xochimilco & Bellas Artes 
After a short photography recap session, we head to spend the day relaxing at the floating gardens of Xochimilco. Xochimilco was affectionately called “the Venice of Mexico”. Miles of canals dot the landscape in Xochimilco, enchanting the senses with their natural beauty.
The canals of Xochimilco provide a festival-like atmosphere with the sound of mariachi bands filling the air. What makes Xochimilco so fascinating is its embodiment of traditional Mexican culture and gives the opportunity to view a part of Mexico’s historic past. This travel destination is a wonderful spot to enjoy recreation, fun and great scenery. In the evening we visit together a show of the National Folk Ballet at the famous Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) located in the historic centre. The monumental building is considered the most important cultural centres of Mexico, dedicated to theatre, dance, opera, visual arts, literature and architecture. For this reason, UNESCO declared the building an art monument in 1987. This evening gives you a musical introduction to the various types of traditional costumes and folk music from the various regions of the country. It is an impressive show set in a majestic location.

DAY 4:
Mexico-City – Bazar del Sabado & Casa Estudio 
After a short photography recap session, we drive to the Bazar del Sabado, one of the most colourful bazaars in Mexico. The bazaar offers a wide variety of items ranging from crafts to paintings, all within the exceptionally beautiful streets of San Ángel. Get ready to snap because the photo opportunities are almost overwhelming. What better way to relax and unwind after having run around the bazaar with a visit to the studios of Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera (Casa Estudio Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo). We continue our wind down with tea or coffee whichever you prefer in one of the oldest colonial cafés in the city. In the evening we meet at the hotel’s reception for an authentic Mexican dinner, where we can all share our personal highlights of the day.

DAY 5:
Mexico-City – Tepoztlán

Depart Mexico City for Tepotztlan. A no hassle day trip and all of a sudden you’re in a completely different environment. Tepotzlan is located on the slopes of the Tepozteco mountains. Experience its charm and magic as the town is known for its ancient traditions and wisdom. That’s why the locals call it El Pueblo Magico. From sunrise to sunset, this small and beautiful “magical town” will captivate you with its charms and manifold shapes. Take in and enjoy the sunshine whilst it highlights the vibrant colours of the handicrafts market. Remember to have your camera ready whilst you stroll through multi-coloured stalls, its green parks or its ancient aqueduct. Discover the old stories while listening to traditional music originating from this town. In the evening, both the majestic National Museum of the Viceroyalty and the Temple of San Francisco Javier – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A masterpiece of baroque art with its complex decorative details – sheer beauty. Exploring this town through the eye of your camera will leave you with the most magical souvenirs and you will have the pictures to relive the experience.

DAY 6:
Adios Mexico City – Bienvenido La Paz

Transfer to Airport Mexico City, Flight to La Paz, Baja California. Transfer from Airport to the City of La Paz. After checking in to our hotel, we’ll enjoy some early evening drinks while watching the world go by in one of the bars overlooking the ocean before taking our table for a delicious dinner.


DAY 7:
La Paz – Photography and relaxation go hand in hand

During our days in La Paz, we will offer optional yoga and meditation every morning before breakfast. Although, of course, this is completely voluntary, it is true that when completely relaxed we take better pictures. After breakfast in a local café, we take some time to view and discuss your best pictures of Mexico City. During this first day at La Paz, you will then have some free time to explore the city and its surroundings, until we meet again in the late afternoon to do a photo exercise in the golden hour.

DAY 8:
La Paz – Introduction to Portraiture & Lucha Libra 

Optional yoga and meditation in the morning. After breakfast, we have a photography workshop which is the introduction to portraiture.
During the day you will have time to put into practice what you have learnt. We meet in the afternoon again to continue with photo exercise to further improve your portrait skills. In the evening we have the great opportunity to visit and to take photos of a backyard Mexican wrestling match. Masked fighters dressed as superheroes and villains perform acrobatic tricks to thrill you and the rest of the crowd. Attending one of these quirky shows is a unique experience making for lasting memories.

DAY 9:
La Paz – Blue Lagoon 

Optional yoga and meditation in the morning. Today we head to a beautiful lagoon. An area, which is home to thousands of marine species and very much a unique location. Again a local photographer shows us the best places and we will be taking pictures of the boat. For those, who are interested can also enjoy underwater photography.
As the sun sets over the ocean, we’ll have some drinks whilst enjoying a traditional Mexican bbq.

DAY 10:
La Paz – Portrait Photo Exercise 

Optional yoga and meditation in the morning.
Breakfast in the morning – time at leisure till 4 pm do whatever you wish in and around La Paz. We meet in the afternoon to view and discuss the photo exercise and then get right onto the next one.

DAY 11:
La Paz – Photo Shoot with a Mexican Model 

Optional yoga and meditation in the morning. After breakfast, photography portraiture workshop. Preparation for the portrait shoot in the afternoon: Each of you will have the fantastic opportunity to practice your portrait skills with a local. In the evening we go out to have dinner together in the city of La Paz.

DAY 12:
La Paz – Exhibition and Adios Fiesta 

Optional yoga and meditation in the morning.
After breakfast, we view and discuss your portrait shots.
This, unfortunately, is the last day, a day trip to a beautiful beach lagoon is arranged to enjoy and take in the relaxing scenery. In the evening we celebrate our own photo expedition with a final exhibition party of your best photos.

DAY 13:
Adios La Paz 
Optional yoga and meditation in the morning – the day has come to sadly say goodbye. After having breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight back home.

What you’ll learn?

It is not only a photographic trip but also the chance to pause, reflect on your work, improve your people skills and bond with peers who are passionate about photography. Our vision is that you get the maximum inspiration, motivation and most of all have fun out in participating, making for a lifestyle experience. Whether you are beginner or intermediate, we will spend time with you and invest in your photographic experience. This trip will also give you the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of photography such as:

  • The exposure triangle – iso, aperture and shutter speed (for beginners and those who would like a refresher)
  • Tips and techniques for street photography
  • Tips and tricks to improve your smartphone photography (sometimes the circumstances don’t allow large camera equipment, so it is important to be confident with your smartphone camera)
  • History of portraiture and about the work of some well-known portrait photographers
  • Learn how to develop a creative eye by using composition techniques
  • Learn techniques to improve your portrait skills and overcome the challenges of photographing people
  • Communication and direction with the subject
  • Opportunity to work with individual models


  • Bazar del Sabado
  • Street Art Tour
  • Trip to Tepoztlán
  • Xochimilco
  • Bellas Artes
  • Día de Muerto – All Souls day
  • Blue Lagoon – Underwater photography
  • Exclusive access to enclosed and remote communities
  • Photo shoot with Mexican model

What’s included

What’s included in this photography holiday?

  • Eleven accommodation including breakfast
  • Farewell dinner (alcohol not included)
  • Welcome drinks
  • An expert photographic tutor for the duration of the trip
  • An expert travel companion for the duration of the trip
  • All tuition, worksheets and photographic excursions
  • A local guide in Mexico City
  • A local photographer and guide in La Paz
  • All extra tours (lagoon)
  • Return flight Mexico City to La Paz
  • All transfers and transport
  • Entrance Fees
  • Yoga and meditation

What’s not included on the photography holiday?

  • Flights to Mexico City
  • Underwater Photography
  • Extra charge for single room
  • not listed meals and drinks
  • trip cancellation costs and other travel insurances

General information about the trip:

We also offer an information sheet with various activities in Mexico City and La Paz that are outside our program. For example, if you are interested in a Mexican bullfight or you would like to visit the sun and moon pyramid.
We are happy to organize this for you,  just let us know in time.

The daily schedule may change depending on weather conditions and unexpected delays. Both ourselves and our experienced on-site guides may occasionally decide to adapt and modify the program to make sure that the best possible holiday experience is guaranteed.

IMPORTANT: Every participant needs international health and travel cancellation insurance, as well as the necessary preventive vaccinations. Information on this, as well as the entry requirements, medical information, country-specific safety information, general travel information and more, can be found on the following page of the Foreign Office: # content_3

Please note that Mexico City is 2.250 metres is above sea level, as you might get one or the other times out of breath. On top of that, on some extremely hot days, we are confronted with the problem of air pollution in urban areas of the city.


30th of October – 11th of November 2019

 from 4410 €

  • The number of participants for this trip is limited to a total of 6 places.
  • 50% of deposit is required when holidays are booked
  • Full payment must be made 1 month prior to departure date.
  • Price does not include flights
  • Price includes all taxes

Please note:

If the minimum number of 3 participants is not reached, the organizer can withdraw from the travel contract up to 30 days before the start of the journey.
For a single room booking, we charge a surcharge which we like to communicate on request and respond to your requests.
The destination airport in Mexico City is “Mexico City International Airport” (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez).

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I have read & accept the Terms & Conditions of Berlin School of Photography.