Incentive Berlin – give employees new incentives

Incentive Berlin – a new impulse for your employees

In the age of smartphone & other digital camera devices, there is hardly anyone who does not take photos from time to time. Many assume that these photos are beautiful and meaningful. But we think there is more to it than that! Especially if the photos are not only used for private purposes. We would like to show you how to shoot powerful photos. For this purpose, anyone interested can book courses and workshops with us. At the same time, we also offer these courses for corporate events in Berlin. This way you can offer your employees a sustainable photography course, from which everyone can benefit – and maybe even your company in future. Incentive Berlin is another building block to motivate your employees with photo workshops.

Corporate events Berlin – photo workshops for your employees

Everyone once held a camera in their hands and most of them will probably take photos regularly. If not with their own camera, then at least with their smartphone, because even these are now equipped with high-quality cameras, and you can do a lot with them. Our photography courses, which we also offer for corporate events in Berlin, contain a wide spectrum of knowledge in different areas of photography. Thus, we have courses for beginners as well as for advanced photographers in our program. There are workshops for portrait, nature,  architecture photography and photo tours and even a course for smartphones. This way, your employees will get to know their camera and will soon know what is needed to take meaningful photos. We are also pleased to customise the event exactly to your needs. Motivate your employees with Incentive Berlin!

Incentive Berlin – everyone benefits

With Incentive Berlin your employees will gain a lot of new knowledge enabling them to take better photos in the future. This is additionally beneficial for your company, because even if you rarely work with photography, you now have colleagues at hand who know exactly what is important for good photos. Book a photography course for your corporate event in Berlin right here on our site and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to have an event customised to your interests!

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